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Robot Systems

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  1. UR3 Robot Arm

    UR3 AE3.1-SPE

    500mm reach radius arm with 3kg payload capacity, +/-0.1mm repeatability, IP64 rating. Electrical enclosure with 120VAC input power. Ethernet IP & Modbus TCP/IP. 4 safety inputs, 16 configurable I/O, 16 general I/O, 4 analog I/O. 12" touchscreen interface. 6m cables between robot and control box. Control box and pendant included. SPE1000 Field Evaluation (FE) performed by Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC). Robot is Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable. Note standard Warranty is 1-year from Date of Purchase. Extended 12 month warranty is available upon request.



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1 Item(s)

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